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40.000,00 €



Lowrey Imperial orgle model A6000, ameriške izdelave, imajo barvni display touch screen (215x80mm), CD player + snemalnik, USB, orgle imajo nožne bas tipke (2 oktavi), zraven je tudi multifunkcijska klop v katero so vgrajeni zvočniki in dva predala, orgle so namenjene za amatersko in profesionalno rabo, saj so predzadnji model svetovno znanega vrhunskega proizvajalca Lowrey iz Amerike, vse zmogljivosti in lastnosti so razvidne spodaj (žal v angleščini):

Touch Screen (RO 1)

Full Color Cinema- 640 x 240 Liquid Crystal Display “Touch Sensitive”


Bench Speakers (RO 2) Speaker Controls: Select from speaker array configurations: All, Organ,

Orchestral plus a Cancel in Organ setting

My Settings (RO 3) Easy-to-use Inteface let's the player create two different custom start up


Speaker System (RO 4)


7 Speakers Total: Four Mid Range, Two High Range, One Bass. Includes

Independent Volume Control and Bass On/Off option

Speaker System (RO 4)


15 Speakers Total: Six Mid Range, Eight High Range, One Bass in a Tuned

and Ported Enclosure, Includes Monitor Speakers with Independent Volume


Rhythm Plus


240 fully-orchestrated styles. Style features: Alpha Style Listing, Tempo

Control, Orch Plus Volume, Drums Volume, Variation 0-9, Intro/Ending 1 &

2, Minor Chord Intros, Start Stop, FX, Drum Volume, Rhythm Preset-Normal

& Organ. 240 All Organ Style Variations.

6,460 Total Presets. General Presets-11

NEW Category Presets-264: 11 per Category: Theatre, Country, Big Band,

Show, Latin, + More = Sacred, Modern, Bells, Holidays, Jazz, Brass,

Nostalgic, Lush, Harmony Organs, Around The World, Smooth Flutes,

Pianos Plus, Diapasons, Percussion, Organ Strings, Sound Effects, Theatre

U.S., Theatre U.K., Finale

Bank Presets-55: 11 per bank: A, B, C, D, E (programmable)

Rhythm Presets-5,280: 2,640 Normal, 2,640 Organ (11 Normal + 11 Organ

Presets for each rhythm style)

Song Set Up Presets-850

Alpha Search Quick and easy way to search thousands of items: Styles, Genius Voices,

Song Setup Presets

Style Control Auto Bass 1 & 2, Genie & Orch Plus, MCS (Music Chord System), Memory,

Drums Only, Drum Variation, Fade In/Out, Alter Style, EASY

Locks Control, Accompaniment, Tempo, Harmony, Bass Volume, Orch Plus

Volume, Lower Volume



Orchestral Sounds

Piano, Jazz Guitar, Banjo, Accordion, Vibes, Electric Piano, Country Guitar,

Strings, Trombone, Marimba, Harp, Hawaiian, Big Band Ensemble, Genius

1*, Genius 2*

Orchestral Features Orch Volume, Upper On, Lower Left, Lower Right, Dynamic Keying, Repeat,

Upper Octave, Transpose

Solo Sounds Society Piano, Trumpet, Violin, Scat, Bells, Sax, Jazz Flute, Harmonica,

Chimes, Clarinet, Genius 1*, Genius 2*

Solo Features Solo Volume, Upper On, Lower Right, Lower Octave, Dynamic Keying,

Portamento, Upper Octave, Transpose

Bass Tabs Bass Sustain, Bass 16, Bass 8, Ensemble Bass, Diaphone 16, Pedal

Genius*, Pedal Flute Drawbars

Lower Tabs

Theatre Genius**, Horn 8, Diapason 8, Vox Humana 8, Lower Genius, Vocal

Ensemble, Strings 8, Strings 4, String Vocal Sustain, Flute 8, Flute 4, Flute 2

2/3, Flute 2, Flute 1, Lower Flute Sustain, Lower Master On/Off, Lower Flute


Upper Tabs

Upper Flute Sustain, Flute 16, Flute 8, Flute 5 1/3, Flute 4, Flute 2 2/3, Flute

2, Flute 1 3/5, Flute 1 1/3, Flute 1, Flute Percussion, String Vocal Sustain,

Strings 16, Strings 8, Strings 4, Vocal Ensemble, Upper Genius, Upper

Master On/Off, Upper Flute Drawbars, Flute Perc. Drawbar

Upper Theatre Tabs Theatre Trem, Reed 16, Reed 8, Diapason 8, Theatre Drums, Theatre


Flute Vibra Trem Upper & Lower (Slow-Fast), Flute Chorus, Chorus/Celeste,

Master Lower & Upper Tabs, Theatre Drums

Flute Tab Select - Lowrey, Tibia, Jazz + More=Smoth, Diapason, Strings


Assign sounds from the menu of 452 Genius sounds to the Golden Harp

Genius, Solo Genius 1-2, Orchestral Genius 1-2, Upper Genius tab, Lower

Genius tab, and Pedal Genius tab

**Theatre Genius Assign sounds from the menu of 32 Theatre Genius sounds to the Lower

Theatre or Upper Theatre Genius Tabs

***Genius Assign sounds from the menu of 171 Genius Sound Effects & Drums sounds

to the Sound Effects Genius 1 or 2 buttons

Tab Controls


Touch Bar Left & Right Programmable Touch Bars (19 Selectable Functions)

Music Recorder

USB Memory Stick: Record/Playback A5000 Performance, Playback

General MIDI, General MIDI w/Lyrics, Capture Presets, Display Lyrics from

Karaoke Media

CD Recorder/Player Record/Playback Performance, Playback Audio CD

Graphic Mixer Volume Controls: Master, Bass, Lower, Upper String/Vocal, Reverb Amount

Equalizer Eight Preset, Dynamic Equalizer settings

Golden Harp Eight Arpeggio Patterns, Golden Harp Genius*

Virtuoso Keyboard Touch Sensitive Arpeggio Keypad, Sound Source and Pattern Selections


Upper &

Lower Right

15 Harmony Selections: AOC, Duet, 3 Part, 4 Part, Country, Polka, Block,

Hymn, Barbershoppe, 5 Part, 4ths & 5ths, Octave, Full AOC, Grouped AOC,

Octave AOC.

Sound Effects


Surf, Bell Tree, Snare Roll, Cymbal Crash, Applause, Genius 1***, Genius


Lower Sound Effects Assign sounds from the menu of 170 Sound Effects & Drum Sounds to

certain lower keyboard keys and Select Sounds for the Theatre Drums

Keyboards Two 61-Note Upper and Lower Manuals

Pedals 25-Note, Console Style

Cabinet Cherry or Oak Finish With Wood Rolltop

Bench Deeply Padded, Tufted Synthetic Leather, Two (lighted) Storage Drawers,

Adjustable Back Rest, Integrated Surround Speaker System

Bench Pack Lowrey Songbook with 50 Easy Play Notation Songs, 256 m USB Memory

Stick containing 50 songs performed from Songbook, Owner's Guide


Music Rack Matching Wood (Lighted), Music Rack Extender with Smoked Plexi Rack


Right End Block: Stereo Headphone, Microphone, plus separate volume


Rear Panel: MIDI In-Out-Thru, Aux Out Right-Left/Mono, Aux In RightLeft/Mono, Video Out

Dimensions Uncrated - 54.25” Wide x 29.5” Deep x 47” High with Music Rack removed,

55” with Music Rack Installed

Weight Uncrated - Console: 360 lbs, Bench: 93 lbs, Pedals: 34 lbs

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